Vodafone in mobile internet access billing error

by David Allen

The mobile provider Vodafone has become the centre of a billing error which was initiated when the company introduced a free mobile internet access promotion.

Over four hundred customers signed up for this service, only to find that they had been charged £5.
In an attempt to rectify the problem, Vodafone corrected the fault sent customers an email to inform them of the situation and that it had been corrected.

The problem is that the email was sent to all 416 customers using CC instead of BCC, which exposed the customers’ private email addresses, whereas BCC would have kept them private.
This mounts up to a catalogue of errors, which for a communications business such as Vodafone is embarrassing.

However, according the register.co.uk, Vodafone claims that this is the first time that something like this has happened and was due to human error.