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Thread: Whic receiver to buy?

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    Whic receiver to buy?

    Hello everyone,
    I am new to this site and would be glad to get some help. I am going to Ghana from Canada for about a year and cannot leave without my FTA hobby. However, I cannot go with my SV receivers as they are for the North American Market.
    I would be glad if someone could educate me on which receiver is best to get African and European Satellites as well as the accessories such as LNB, Diseq, dish size (cannot have above 40 inch dish though). Any recommended place to get them?

    I am more interested in channels on DSTV Ghana (Irdeto 2) and another on Viaccess 2.5. Any help on getting codes for this if any? I am more likely not to have internet at home (there and so cannot use something like the ihub which connects to the internet constantly to give N3 TV

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    Re: Whic receiver to buy?

    my mate you welcome to our website SatSupreme

    if you want to buy reciver you can get Dreambox but this work with internet and if you dont ahve internet you can buy Alic is better and with abracabra card you can watch iredeto channel

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