Hey all,

New 2 the scene, and learning a lot .. thank yoi all for that !!

I have an Extreme box, with following settings, ... only thing is i'm not sure what is what ....
Any help/info is welcome... or a link to explain settings ...

I'm looking into 'fixing' my box to receive T*S

Model : XSC - 520 ANV
Info : OA.04.05 - CF61
S/W : V03.05.03
Loader : V6.1.6
CA : 2.2.1

My questions :
- What does the 'info' stand for ?
- 'Loader' -> is that the Bootloader ? ackward version ?
- 'CA' I assume this is my built in CAM module version is that correct ?

Also, when pressing the infamous ' gbg-menu '
I see selections on Irdeto / Nagra / Seca and viacces
It has many keys in them.. (i got this box 2nd hand without knowing previous owner).. can i delete all of these ??? or leave them in...
Does a new Emu overwrite them , would they work on anything ???

I guess the present keys where todo with the neotion Full-X for free (altough i have not tried) , which i assume no longer work.. (not even sure on what sat they are.. but that's beside the point)

Any idea's / suggestions welcome