3D for TV is a revolution says Eutelsat

Chris Forrester

Eutelsat is looking to boost future income by riding the wave towards 3D transmission on satellite. “3D is a real revolution. We are creating a specialisation in shooting and transmitting it,” CEO Guiliano Berretta told the Financial Times on June 30.

“Normal TV has a limit,” Berretta told the FT. “The rate of increase in TV revenues slowed this year. We can’t have double-digit growth unless we can grow the broadband business and a new type of TV consumption.”

Eutelsat has already backed a number of 3D tests and trials this past year. This month (July), the satellite opeator will transmit a 3D broadcast of a concert by French singer Julien Clerc in La Rochelle to several locations around France. The company has also worked with Sky Italia to broadcast a basketball game shot in 3D.