Dubai will bid for 2020 Olympics
Chris Forrester

Dubai has confirmed it is considering mounting a full bid for the 2020 Olympic Games, as part of its Dubai 2020 scheme to also win status as a World Expo city during the same year.

Dubai is already well ahead with its plans, and is constructing a ‘Sport City’ that will accommodate most of the events.

Sheikh Mohammed, ruler of the Emirate, said: “We need to engage our community here in Dubai and the UAE in a discussion about our vision and everyone's role in our future. For this we need a clear, common goal that highlights shared universal human values. The Dubai 2020 initiative will look at how we can shape our environment and society for future generations. It will address, in an integrated way, the building blocks that underpin social and economic progress - sport, education, culture, business, science, technology, health and the environment. These two global events - the Olympic Games and World Expo - give us a sense of common purpose and play to our strengths. Dubai is already home to people from different nationalities and cultures who live in friendship and peace. And I believe we can deepen this respect and mutual understanding if we work together to achieve something spectacular and meaningful.”

The Olympic Games, if awarded to Dubai, would be the first time an Olympics has been held in a Middle East city, and the first time in an Islamic city. Dubai would also have to overcome the summer heat that plagues the town during July and August.