Single pay-DTT box for Spain close

ñaki Ferreras

Spain’s broadcasters and manufacturers are almost ready with the technical specifications for the compatibility of future pay-DTT boxes, according to the industrial association ASIMELEC.

Viewers wanting to access Spain’s proposed pay-DTT platform will have to only buy one box or TV set with a pay digital tuner integrated after Spain's government approved the text for the new law allowing payment on its national DTT platform. Pay-DTT is to be launched before next August according to government sources.

The government is hoping to avoid a repeat of the war over the receivers which happened years ago between two satellite pay-TV operators, Telefónica's Vía Digital and Sogecable's Canal Satélite Digital, wich used two different technological models.

Jesús Casado, head of DTT for ASIMELEC, said: "There will be no war such as the one confronting the systems Simulcrypt against Multicrypt in the past, thanks to the Ministry of Industry which has demanded the broadcasters and manufacturers agree on compatible boxes with all the possible offers and also that must fulfill with the European standards."

Casado added there would be digital pay DTT boxes available in shops this summer. But in spite of all the association thinks it's OK that there are DTT boxes not including payment over DTT. "We must respect those citizens not wanting to pay for DTT contents," he finally stated.