More German cable ops join DNMG

By Robert Briel

July 2, 2009

Deutschen Netzmarketing GmbH (DNMG), the German association of small cable operators, has gained eight new members.

The DNMG has also appointed Ingo Schuchert as its new MD, replacing Dr. Wolfgang von Reinersdorff. Thomas Braun was meanwhile elected as chairman of the supervisory board, and the association’s offices will move from Hamburg to Cologne.

The DNMG brings together over 140 small cable operators, which provide about six million households with television and other cable services. They include private companies, housing associations and other small cable systems. Larger companies such as TeleColumbus and city networks such as Net Cologne are also members.

The association is in addition active with closing collective distribution contracts with individual broadcasters and platform operators Kabelkiosk and Premiere. About a dozen German broadcasters use its services.

The new cable operators joining the association are Antennenbau Jäger & Quaschner, Antennentechnik Ulm GmbH, Antennentechnik Werner Redmann, Komro GmbH, RegioNet Schweinfurt GmbH, STG GmbH, Versatel Telekabel GmbH and Wikom Elektrik GmbH.