TGRT EU replace Fox Türk at 42E

2009-07-02 11:28:40 * / Anita Dąbek
* Last updated: 2009-07-02 14:29:04
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The Turkish version of the well-known FOX entertainment channel available via satellite Türksat 2A (42E), has been replaced by another Turkish station TGRT EU. It is pointed out that Fox Türk niekodowanym signal was transmitted only from 42E. TGRT EU is a general channel, addressed mainly to the German market, also given in the form of uncoded.

Technical parameters:

Türksat 2A (42E)
tp. 9 (11.879 GHz, pol. V, SR: 2815, FEC: 5 / 6)
SID: 1
V PID: 768
A PID: 769 rounds
encoding: none