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    Please Help Me

    Hello my people longtime haven't post in this forum, my problem is i was going to buy Diablo Wi Fi to read with CCcam and i asked in other forum what can i get with it, and someone advised me to buy an entry level dreambox cos it does more job and can handle more than Wi Fi.
    Now the problem is:
    i don't know what an entry level dreambox means and we are not allow to talk about it in that forum, so i will be very gratful if any of u can help with an entry level dreambox what is it? and what is its job. By the way i got DM7020si. thank u.

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    Re: Please Help Me

    if u have that box then u halfway there
    just read & read all the info on how 2 setup is on here
    & if u have a card yourself u will get going quickly

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