EchoStar beats TiVo shock

Chris Forrester

PVR originators TiVo took a rare hit on July 1, when arch-rivals EchoStar/Dish won an officially-sanctioned delay to a Court order to start paying TiVo a royalty for its DVR ‘time warp’ technology.

On June 2 EchoStar/Dish was ordered to disable its DVR/PVR technology within 30 days. EChoStar lodged its appeal and was granted a 30-day delay on the ruling, which EchoStar now says has been extended for the duration of the current appeal, which experts say could take up to two years.

"The federal circuit [court] found that EchoStar met its burden of demonstrating the requisites for a stay, including, at a minimum, that we have a substantial case on the merits," EchoStar and Dish said statement Wednesday. "As a result of the stay, our customers can continue using their Dish DVRs."

Stifel Nicolaus analyst Rebecca Arbogast said Wednesday that as a result of the recent decision, she now expects the case to resolve in less than a year, which is faster than some had expected.