All OK for Measat-3a

Rose Major

Malaysia’s Measat Satellite Systems said its recently-launched Measat-3a satellite has been successfully moved to the 91.4 degrees east orbital slot, in preparation for in-orbit testing.

Relocation of the satellite to the 91.4 degrees east position was achieved after the completion of transfer orbit operations and the successful deployment of the satellite’s solar arrays and reflectors.

After the completion of in-orbit testing, expected duringnthe third week of July, Measat-3a will be moved into the 91.5 degrees east orbital slot where, colocated with Measat-3, the satellite will support the continued growth of the Measat customer base. Measat-3a will increase capacity at the slot by 50%.

Measat-3a was launched on June 22 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, rescheduled from August 2008 after the satellite was damaged following a “technical issue” at the launch site. Among the clients for the new satellite is Measat’s sister company, Astro All Asia Networks, which has an agrement for 6 Ku-band transponders for 15 years.

Meanwhile mobile telecoms operator Maxis, has renewed a long-term multiple transponder lease for capacity on the Measat-3 satellite. Maxis operates in three Asian markets – Malaysia,. India (through a 74% stake in Aircel) and Indonesia (through 44% of Natrindo Telepon Seluler).