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Thread: Newcamd problem

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    Newcamd problem

    I have a specific newcamd server which is working with other peers normally and very fast but which is not working with me no matter what.
    I am trying to use it with a Starsat 4200 super (Ali C - Echolink clone) - which normally works very well - but when the receiver sends an ECM I get a key in return looking like "1100000000000000000000" and no image on TV.
    PS: Other newcamd servers work well for me. I have tried many software for the receiver.
    What can the problem be? Please someone help me
    Thank you

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    Re: Newcamd problem

    hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    can sent me you soft plz

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    Re: Newcamd problem

    Why do you need the soft?

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