Tool to easily start streaming/transcoding from your
Dreambox. Compatible with E1 and E2 Images.

If you are running Windows Vista, please read own
"Windows Vista Readme.txt" file in the package.


- Added Recording possibility. (On E2 image you can record a stream on PC and watch another channel on your TV..(Twin tuner or same transponder)
- Added "Profiles" for easier usage for people with with several Dreamboxes..
- Added "Dreambox Name" in top right corner.. (Double click on Dreanbox Name to change it.. PS! Remember to Save changes to selected Profile..)
- Added possibility to change Streaming channel without changing channel on TV..
(For E2 Images on Twin Tuner models..(DM7025 & DM8000).. Or same Transponder for Single Tuner models..(DM800))