New Sky+ HD EPG rollout "on schedule"

By James Welsh and Andrew Laughlin

Sky has told Digital Spy that the rollout of its new electronic programme guide software for Sky+ HD boxes is "on schedule" but said that "additional and planned development work" is taking place before it is sent to customers with Samsung and Amstrad boxes.

The new guide started rolling out to Sky+ HD boxes on March 10, with boxes manufactured by Thomson the first to get the update.
At the end of March, Sky told DS forum users that the rollout would be phased with "long standing HD customers" - those with older generations of Sky+ HD boxes - prioritised.

The rollout continued throughout April and by now many customers with boxes manufactured by Thomson and Pace have the update.
Digital Spy Sky+ HD forum members have, over the course of tens of thousands of posts - some 8,500 of which are in this dedicated thread - discussed the rollout and the new software, and users with boxes manufactured by Samsung and Amstrad have been interested in finding out when their equipment would be upgraded given an apparent lull in the rollout.

A Sky spokesperson told DS today: "As we stated at the beginning of the rollout process, our aim has been to introduce the new EPG to our most long-standing customers first.

"This process remains on schedule and we are now working towards delivering the Sky+HD Guide to newer generations of boxes, including those manufactured by Samsung and Amstrad. This requires some additional and planned development work before we begin to send the software to customers.

"As the process moves forward we will continue to contact customers directly when we're in a position to provide them with the new Guide. The Sky+HD Guide provides a great experience and we can understand our customers' eagerness to enjoy it, so we thank everyone for their patience and look forward to the successful completion of its roll-out."