Well for those of you who know euro-kiddie-sharing, run by a real bunch of kids (who didn't finish school that's for sure!) , it's a place you should REALLY be carefull what you post, because the kidmods actually don't have a clue WHAT you just typed but press the BAN button coz they re probably bored and want to feel important (huge ego's huh)

Now keep in mind most of them are DUTCH (so you would say dutch = openminded, yeah right, not the new generation )

I've been in the satscene for over 15 years now, (started of with D2mac), but this ranks really in my top5.... ..read on ..(if not bored already :p )

on ecs, general chat i type a msg about the french being chauvinist piggies...( I actually have a lot of french friends , including Stef, former SecaFrance for the oldies) etc ...and guess what, some MOD read the msg and perm banned me and now really get a grip, he came on msn saying " THIS IS A RACIST EXPRESSION YOU HAVE BEEN PERM BANNED" ... MHUAHUAHUAAUAUUHAUAU ... in short that kid (and more of the kids on ecs) don t have a CLUE what chauvinist means, (pig they got) and so it must be racist !! OMG ...

For the "kids" http://womenshistory.about.com/cs/60s70s/g/gl_mcp.htm

go read that ..

So , on ECS just stick to "xxx locals and looking for" and forget all the other topics, because you re bound to get deleted if you use some fancy word the kids don't know the meaning of.

Nowadays i'm under the impression most forums are modded by kids, and places like shro, maltese, digitsat, well the biggies, are really dissapearing...pitty, maybe time to move on, and let the kids have their fun and piss it all down the tubes....

Anyway keep scanning the feeds, stay on sat as a hobby (not bizz like most kid-sharing servers, hence every kid with a dreambox is running a "server" nowadays, and avoid posting anything else on ecs kiddie forum. Better stay on SatSupreme, at least the average age is a lot higher here.

CHeers to all, greetz to irdmaster, sathack, cardmanie, sf, Jo, Phil, .... (dude where you been hiding!) :p


and ps: to the stupid mod who said "just make a new account on ecs" you gotta be JOKING ! Should be braindead to get back on there...