Spain's DTT reaches 35% of share

Iñaki Ferreras

Spain's DTT channels reached an audience share of 35.3% last month, a new record of consumption for the platform. DTT is now almost reaching four daily viewing hours per viewer according to a study from Corporación Multimedia.

The study also states that TV stations will have to adapt to the digitalization when programming new content. The fact is the changes Spanish TV is experiencing such as the forthcoming pay-DTT platform or the removal of advertising from national public broadcaster TVE will generate a new scenario for the country's audiovisual sector.

Another important point underlined by this study is the progressive splitting of the audiences with the increasing number of channels. This will be dramatic for the conventional TV networks and as a consequence for their advertisers.

On the other hand the study finds female viewers carry on watching more television than male viewers although male viewers watch more digital television than they did analogue television.

Another highlighted aspect of this study says that 70% of premier programming fails to succeed. The study says this trend is "worrying" because creating successful content is getting more and more difficult.