Aus networks meet domestic quotas

Gold stars for Australia’s metropolitan networks, all of which exceeded their domestic output requirements in 2008, according to new figures released by regulator the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Australian Content Standard sets an annual quota of a minimum 55% Australian content to be aired between 6am and midnight, with additional sub-quotas for drama, dosumentary and children’s programming.

In 2008, market leader Seven Network’s five state capital licensees broadcast 64% domestic content (helped by five-nights-a-week soap Home and Away, pictured above) while Network Ten licensees averaged 56%. Nine Network’s three metropolitan licensees broadcast over 60% Australian content.

Chris Chapman, the ACMA chairman, said: “The free to air commercial television industry is a cornerstone of local content creation. That cornerstone remained strong in 2008 as the networks have not only met their obligations but exceeded them.”

The 20-hour first release domestic documentary quota was exceeded, with Seven broadcasting over 82 hours, Nine Network 43 and Network Ten 24 hours.

Domestic content also remains strong in the ratings, with 33 of the top 40 highest rating shows in 2008 being Australian-made and 18 of the top 20 rating regular programmes also local. The top 4 drama programmes were home-grown, with 7 finding a place in the top 20.