Ziggo ups internet access speeds

By Robert Briel

July 6, 2009 18.25 UK

Dutch cable operator Ziggo has started to upgrade the internet access speeds without raising the subscription fees for their 1.4 million broadband subscribers.

All internet access speeds are upgraded, but the most notable are the top tier packs with current 15 Mbps being upped to 25 Mbps. People who currently subscribe to the 20 Mbps all-in-one service are upgraded to 50 Mbps download (and 5 Mbps upload) using Docsis 3.0. The operator is giving away the new modems during an eight week period.

Later in the year, the operator wil start to offer top speeds of 80 Mbps. People living in the cities of Amersfoort, Enschede, Meppel, Maastricht, Tilburg and Heerhugowaard will be able to buy 120 Mbps services.

Ziggo is the country’s largest cable operator with 3.4 million connected homes of which 1.2 million are digital TV subscribers. It is the largest ISP of the country with their 1.4 million broadband homes.