France: Ad revenues positive on DTT only

Pascale Paoli Lebailly

According to research company Yacast’s latest results, French gross ad revenues went up 2% in the first six months of 2009, owing to a slight improvement and to the continuing rise of the DTT market.

Total ad revenue turnover (without France Télévisions) in the first six months reached €3.074 billion and €3.271 billion with public channels included. Revenues jumped 12% in June, following decreases of 2% and 3% in January and February and shortly positive rates in April and May.

TF1, M6 and Canal+ trends went better last month after several months of decrease, including -14% in January. But over the first six months, TF1 ad revenues were down 10 % to reach €1.358 billion while M6 revenues declined 5% to €658 million. Over this period, Canal+ revenues rose 27% to €83 million.

At the same time, DTT as well as cable and satellite channels ad revenues jumped 30%, including a 60% growth for the DTT market. The ten new DTT channels now represent 19.1% of the ad revenue market vs 10.7% for cabsat channnels. Among DTT channels best performers are TMC (€116 million), W9 (€112 million) and NRJ 12 (€75 million).