Satellite boxes for Spain's DTT

Iñaki Ferreras

Satellite is proving to be the way to make digital-terrestrial signals reach those inaccesible geographical points. Spain’s association for the promotion and implementation of DTT, Impulsa TDT, will shortly start to distribute 2,400 satellite boxes for those homes without digital-terrestrial coverage.

Th first phase of Spain’s analogue switch-off process is underway, having started on June 30. The government has chosen Hispasat to provide a satellite feed of the DTT channels.

Currently DTT coverage reaches 95% of Spain's population and the rules for the public broadcasters mean coverage for 98% of the citizens soon.

During the first fifteen days of this month the Spanish regions will distribute these 2,400 satellite boxes to the homes which need them to receive DTT content. But the number of boxes seems low as there are are some 46 million people living in Spain and the studies estimate around 1.5% to 2% of the population will never get terrestrial TV signals – close to a million people, which should mean around a quarter of a million homes.