Méheut: 'Pay TV brings value contents'

Pascale Paoli Lebailly

Interviewed by radio station France Info, Canal+ Group CEO Bertrand Méheut, expressed at the end of last week that “value contents are more and more available on pay TV”.

According to Méheut, this is a consequence of the multiplication of free channels in a context of ad revenue stagnation. The growing offer of free networks make them “focus on weak value contents because schedules are hard to be monetized with falling ad revenues.’ In his point of view, value contents are feature films, sports, series and original dramas, and are more and more the core offer of pay TV channels like Canal+.

The €15 week-end offer Canal+ will launch in autumn will allow subs to watch the channel from Friday 7pm to Sunday 7pm.

A Canal+ regular subscription is available for €30 to 35 each month.