Hi, i have a Viaaccess 3.0 encryption card which will not currently updating in a dreambox with CCcam. I hear that if i use a cam i can get my card to update until a solution has been resolved for the dreambox.

I have seen some joker cams for sale but i have read that joker cams will handle viaccess 1 and 2 and super jokers will handle viaaccess 1,2,3 and 4. I have seen shops that sell jokers but not super jokers, so my question is this.

Does anybody know anywhere that currently sells super joker cams? If so can you let me know via pm or post the shop as i can put it inside a mates box once i've programmed it a bit and update my card.

I would just use a viaccess cam but my mate is after a super joker anyways so i can give it to him once i have updated the card.