Spain: DTT sales continue to rise

Iñaki Ferreras

Spain's DTT platform has a potential market of some 43.9 million people and it has accumulated sales of 18 million digital-terrestrial boxes, out of which some 17 million are external ones, 300,000 TV sets with digital-terrestrial tuner integrated and 71,000 DVD players with DTT tuner integrated.

The average cost of equipment is now €35.74.

In Q1 this year some 3 million DTT units were sold, meaning sales were up 42% on the same period last year.

These figures represent sales of 21,000 units per day and according to the goverment are related to the public financing of this first phase of analogue switch-off which begun on June 30. Since then more than 4 million Spaniards aready just watch digital television in this country.

However these figures don't mean the income generated by ananlogue switch over is likely to have peaked as 40% of the Spanish population does not yet have access to DTT. Sales are likely to keep rising during the next few months according to the government. Only 69% of collective installations have been transformed.

Audience share of the digital TV channels with respect to the analogue ones is around 31.6% according to the latest figures by the association Impulsa TDT.