Hadopi serial, season 2

Pascale Paoli Lebailly

France’s project to fight illicit internet downloads, Hadopi 2 is back in the Senate. First rejected by French deputies, then partly censored by the Constitutional Council, the law project Internet & Creation, whose key measure was the cutting of internet subscriptions for those who download copyrighted material illegally, has came back on Wednesday to Senate in a new version called Hadopi 2.

This new version aims at completing the law and has replaced the possibility first given to administrative authority Hadopi to cut the internet access by a judicial decision. To avoid judicial courts to be overbooked, cases would be treated by penal order, like for speed excess.

According to the new project, an internaut who would allow somebody to use his computer to make illicit donwloads, could risk a €1500 fine and one month web-access suspension.

Left-wing senators, who had already voted against Hadopi 1, have decided to vote against Hadopi 2 also, stressing it was a “uselessly repressive” project.