Vodafone to offer VDSL in Germany

Vodafone will market fibre-optic internet connections (VDSL) from Deutsche Telekom in Germany as of September. An agreement has been reached between the two telcos, said Vodafone’s German head Friedrich Joussen in Düsseldorf.

The wholesale price for using the VDSL lines which the company will have to pay to Telekom is less than €30 per connection per month, said Joussen without giving exact details or a possible end consumer price. With the move, Vodafone is marketing for the first time a product from its strongest competitor. The VDSL access, which Vodafone will offer under its own brand, enables households in 50 cities to access a high speed internet service with a data rate of 50 Mbit/s.

Joussen also confirmed that Vodafone will rename its fixed-line subsidiary Arcor as Vodafone on August 1. As a quadruple play provider of fixed-line and mobile telephony, internet and IPTV, Vodafone has opted for the new advertising slogan “Es ist deine Zeit” (“It’s your time”). According to the company, the motto is designed to invite customers to use the digital communication possibilities on Vodafone’s network through Web 2.0 services such as video portals or social networks.