German DTT reaches 90% penetration

By Robert Briel

July 9, 2009 08.14 UK

In Germany, digital terrestrial broadcasts now reach 90% of the population, according to the Closing Report of the TV Platform, which brings together all parties from the television industry.

The milestone has been reached two years before the official analogue switch-off date at the end of 2012. “The introduction of DVB-T is the success story of a new broadcasting technology in the industrial country Germany”, said chairman Gerhard Schaas.

At the end of 2008 a total of well over 16 million DVB-T sets were sold. Potential reach is now 74 million German, 30% of which can also watch terrestrial broadcast inside the home or on mobile devices.

The platform will now start two new working groups, one for the further development of terrestrial digital broadcasting and one will work on the froad map for the digital switch-over on cable and satellite.