CAIW tests DVB-T over cable

By Robert Briel

July 10, 2009 06.27 UK

The Dutch cable operator CAIW has started test broadcasts over its network using the DVB-T standard, making reception possible by all TV sets equipped with a DVB-T tuner.

The operator uses two frequencies and distributes a total of 16 channels, writes the Dutch cable news site Digitale Kabeltelevisie.
The operator does not want to comment on the test, but in France the cabler Numericable has started to distribute 18 free-to-air DTT channels to all connected homes.

DVB-T is the terrestrial version of the DVB standard and is different from DVB-C, the cable version. Because terrestrial broadcasts are more prone to interference, the DVB-T signal needs to be more robust and as a consequence has less capacity by using a slower bit stream.