Golden handcuff deal ties Kemp and Sky One

by David Allen

In a deal said to be the first of its kind for Sky One, the former Eastenders actor now turned film maker, Ross Kemp, has signed an agreement that will tie both parties up for two years.

The contract will see danger man Ross Kemp make twelve one hour long programmes.
There are no details available at the moment as what sort of content the programmes will have.

However, following the successes of ‘Ross Kemp on Gangs’, ‘Ross Kemp in Afghanistan’ and more recently ‘Ross Kemp In Search of Pirates’ it has to be assumed that the new programmes will follow in the same vein.

Ross Kemp has made an interesting switch from acting to presenting and it has to be said that his films have a certain flair to them, and the audiences agree as the two earlier series won Baftas.