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Thread: Xtreme UCI 6400

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    Question Xtreme UCI 6400

    Hello all,
    I'm wondering if there is someone who can help me
    I have an Xtreme UCI-6400 H/W: 13.42.65 2M16M Micom that i tried to update the firmware on. Now it boots up and shows EAln or EAin on the STB LCD and nothing comes up on the TV. The signal is an un-modulated carrier on the RF side, and nothing comes out of the AV. (Can't test SCART). The firmware I used was for Digix DSC911UZ and I was told it should work fine as both models are the same clone.

    Xtreme UCAS (KSC520U)
    UCI 6400 / UCI 6400M
    DigiX DSC 911U
    Atsat ECI 9500 S
    MagicBox MSC-9000U
    Sunny AT 1020 DCI UCAS
    Sunny AT 1010 DCI SKY

    So if anyone knows of a fix or way around this problem, or maybe even the right firmware, It would be greatly appreciated. A google search only seems to bring up a million pages of clone lists which I already have.

    Cheers and many thanx in advance,

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    Re: Xtreme UCI 6400

    hi mate try SAT.US.PN ,you should find the original firmwere there.hope ive been of some help

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    Exclamation Re: Xtreme UCI 6400

    Cheers for the quick reply, and Thank you for the link mate, A very helpful site indeed. Alas the firmware they have didn't seem to like the box. I'm having difficulties uploading anything to the box now. Bootloaders only get halfway then the loader program gets D/C'd and the firmware won't upload at all.... It's possible i've loaded the wrong bootloader, but I can't work out how to erase the EEPROM to start over again.

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