Canal Digital Norway balances books

By Julian Clover
July 12, 2009 16.17 UK

Canal Digital has published details of its Norwegian pay-TV businesses during 2008. The figures show that while its satellite business Canal Digital Norge AS made a pre-tax profit of NOK 263 million (€28.94m). Canal Digital Kabel TV AS, which includes broadband, telephony and TV, was running at a loss.

“2008 was marketed by many [Norwegian] counties becoming completely digital following the switch-off of the old analogue networks,” explained managing director Svein Erik Davidsen. “Many people living in these counties have chosen to install a dish,” he continued, adding that the cable division has also been able to claw back customers that add opted for broadband through a fibre-based provider.

Canal Digital Kabel TV added 47,000 new cable customers many of whom also opted for a multiroom solution. Davidsen explained that the NOK 1 million loss (2007: NOK 142m) could be attributed to the large investment made in digitalisation and increased broadband speeds.

During the year the proportion of customers taking broadband increased from 62% to 64%. Many of these are now receiving the 60 Mbps top speed. Canal Digital Kabel closed the year with 470,000 customers.