Spain's pay-TV sees revenue growth

Iñaki Ferreras

Spain's pay TV progressed positively in 2008 according to the latest study by the Telecommunications Market Comission, the association regulating telecommunications and television. Pay-TV had higher income and also more subscribers than in 2007.

Pay-TV revenues totaled €2,090 million, nearly 3.9% more than in the previous year. The first group in terms of incomes were free-to-air terrestrial television broadcasters. Without including public funds revenues of these television channels amounted to €2,993.9 million, 9.6% less than in 2007. The main reason for this was the fewer number of advertisements on these channels and in the media in general.

In second place for revenues was satellite television being Sogecable's pay-TV operator Digital+, the only one belonging to this group. The operator's revenues were €1,542.3 million with a yearly growth of 1,3%.

In third was cable television which had revenues of €346.7 million in 2008. This figure meant a growth of 6.8% in total income and a slight decrease of 0.6% in the business volume with regard to the previous year.

Following this group comes IPTV formed by pay DSL operators Telefónica's Imagenio, Orange's Orange TV and Jazztel's Jazztelia. This group registered 41.8% growth in relation to 2007 by getting revenues of €185.1 million.

Finally came mobile TV with revenues of €16.2 million in 2008. This figure reflected a growth of 86.7% in revenues.
As for the number of subscribers of pay television in Spain last year it showed a positive evolution although with an inferior growth to the one registered in the previous years. It is to be highlighted that for the first time there were more than 4 million clients in Spain, in particular 4,196,766 million subscribers aside from the 269,919 million subscribers to mobile TV.

This makes a total growth of 5.4% with respect to 2007.