KyLinTV partners with Phoenix for Europe

By Robert Briel

July 15, 2009

The Chinese online TV platform KyLinTV has announced a strategic partnership with Phoenix China News and Entertainment aimed at delivering Chinese television programming to viewers in Europe.

Based in New York, KyLinTV offers more than 60 Chinese channels and 30,000-plus hours of VOD programming to Chinese-speaking households. Phoenix CNE is the European operation of Phoenix TV of Hong Kong.

KyLin was started by Charles Wang and the Cablevision founder Charles Dolan. The platform delivers programming to Plainview’s NeuLion Inc., which encodes, stores and streams the content. Subscribers plug a set-top box between their Internet connection and television to tune in.

KyLinTV Europe will offer more than 20 popular Chinese TV channels from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, including Phoenix China News and Entertainment (Phoenix CNE), Phoenix InfoNews, CCTV-9, CCTV-E, CCTV-F, MASTV, Sun TV, PTS Dimo, Kunlun Drama, a channel featuring historical, war, mystery and action dramas, and Yangtze Drama, whose romance, family and other story genres are designed to appeal especially to female viewers.

The new service will also include a children’s channel and Trading Day.
Life Channel, Variety and Oriental Education, already popular among KyLinTV’s North American subscribers, will also be available on KyLinTV Europe.