T-Mobile brings Bundesliga to mobile TV

By Robert Briel

July 17, 2009 09.17 UK

The German mobile operator T-Mobile is bringing the Bundesliga Total package to its mobile TV service. Subscribers will be able to follow all matches from the First and Second German football leagues live on their mobile phones.

The mobile TV service uses the UMTS cellular network of the provider and offers a host of live streaming channels including the major German public and commercial broadcasters.
T-Mobile has now added Kabel Eins and news channelN 24 to its basic line-up, which offers 18 channels. Also available are the new Bundesliga Total package and an ‘erotic’ bouquet of three channels.

The operator has added the mobile TV service to a range of new phones; owners of the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, the Android T-Mobile G1 and the Android T-Mobile G2 Touch can also receive all channels.
People who take the new iuPhones will receive the Bundesliga Total package for free for a 12-month period.