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Thread: mrtv 118a.

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    mrtv 118a.

    IMPORTANT, READ : ZCAS 1.1 is required for this patch file to work correctly.

    Latest release : MR T V1.18a
    Magic number : 777

    * Requires ZCAS 1.1 to update using .hex/.upd files
    ZCAS 1.1 is available from official MatrixCAM Reborn website
    * .hex files for Fun5(512)/Fun6(1024)/Fun7(2048) update
    .upd file for PCMCIA/serial update
    .bin file for CAS2 update
    * EMU for Conax, Irdeto, Nagra, Seca, Viaccess
    * EMU autoupdate for Irdeto, Nagra, Viaccess
    * Irdeto AU - ORF
    * Nagra AU - TV Cabo, Dream
    * Viaccess AU - TPS, SRG Swiss


    After update is done, you need to go to the Information menu and
    enter a magic number. The magic number is "777". This might
    change in the future, so be sure to read this file every time!

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    Re: mrtv 118a.

    Is there for this a newer update. I need this because the MRB307/308 is unstable with an digital 4100 ci recever. Sometimes all the software is gone and with this software I haven't seen this problem .

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