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    help 3020


    i have echolink el 3020 i make it up greed with new oftwere its working but after 5 mint when i plug of and put in poewr agane its not work only display ( on )and not conect with my computar can anybody hep me for this problam

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    Re: help 3020

    thanx my brother

    i have the same proplem but now by good

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    pls can it work with EL3020 IR PLUS? then how can use the something .i need some explanation sir. i love this forum. moderator kindly assist me or any other member , i have the same problem.with the above mention receiver? may god bless the fellow. thx

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    Re: help 3020

    plz help us i also have same problem with the above mention receiver

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    Echolink EL-7111 HD FTA

    Need dump file for echolink el-7111hd Fta

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