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Thread: Problem with my SRT 4620XII

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    Unhappy Problem with my SRT 4620XII

    Hi everybody,

    I have this problem with my stb. I own a Strong SRT 4620XII.

    When I start my stb it lights up but it won't load any channels.

    Just a black screen on TV and four dashes on the stb's little display.

    I did not what to do, so I restated the stb several times using the back switch.

    By luck the stb started. I made advantage of this and downloaded the latest software from Strong's company site and updated the stb using my usb memory stick. The update process went successfully.

    I left the the stb working for a couple of hours then I restarted it to see if the problem still exists.

    Unfortunately the problem still exists, and the stb wont load the channels but it lights up though.

    So any suggestions???!!!

    Thanks in advance for trying to help me.

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    Re: Problem with my SRT 4620XII

    first you need to flash your stb.
    or if at all you get the stb back by resetting again like you did earlier, try loading the following firmware, hope it will work.

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    Re: Problem with my SRT 4620XII

    you must load boot via rs232.

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