MCN integrates multi-platform sales

Rose Major

Multi Channel Network, the Australian subscription TV advertising sales house, is bringing all media sales across TV, online and digital interactive platforms (TV and mobile), under one roof.

The move is aimed at improving planning efficiencies for agencies and clients.

MCN chief executive Anthony Fitzgerald said: “Our feedback tells us the market is ready for true integration from the Networks – and the sooner the better. What this means in practical terms is that all of our sales executives will be fully briefed to talk to agencies and clients about any of our media assets – whether that be digital television, interactive, on demand, online or mobile advertising and communications.”

Teams will no longer need to compete with each other for marketing budgets, Fitzgerald added. “As the media landscape continues to evolve, we believe the onus is on the media industry to bring greater efficiency and simplicity to a brief. When there is infighting within traditional media units – the ultimate loser is the advertiser. In the past, integration has been complicated by structural and technical limitations within the media industry. In many cases, media teams are located in separate departments, and separate buildings.“

MCN national sales and marketing director, Damian Keogh, will take on direct responsibility for all sales. Keogh said: “Our television properties, our online and other communication assets are all 100% digital, and 100% entertainment and lifestyle based content. This allows for a very natural relationship between the mediums, with each feeding off each other when it comes to building a client’s campaign as well as helping to grow the brand of each of our channel and entertainment assets. Fox Sports and is a great example of how this can work for the benefit of the advertiser, the consumer and the media and entertainment brand itself.

“It’s interesting that rather than the much predicted fragmentation affect which has fuelled so much anxiety amongst traditional media, what we are actually seeing is a symbiotic relationship developing across digital television, online and mobile communication. It just makes sense to have sales teams who can talk authoritatively about all the digital media, with one campaign to meet the client’s overall objectives.”