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Thread: beginners to sat tv

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    beginners to sat tv

    Hi, I have a satelite disc mounted on my roof, and an old nokia receiver.

    I would like to try to receive some satelite channels.

    1. Is the nokia receiver new enough or should I invest some money in a more modern receiver?

    2. How do I aquire a card for the receiver? I would like to see canal digital and/or viasat (scandinavia) distributors.

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    Re: beginners to sat tv

    mate For this reciver is old and changed if you want to have more channel try to get Dreambox 500S is better but this work with internet and server for get all channel and if you want jut reciver you can take of FTE and cart abracadabra this u can watch canal Digtal with this carte

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    Re: beginners to sat tv

    Dear Nokia Receiver Tuner is weak not good now a days to catch the weak signals. As receommended by CR9 DM is better at present time. I have already used Nokia before which is old one

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