************************************************** ******************************
* Release Candidate 20090603 -> Release Candidate 20090721 *
************************************************** ******************************
enigma2/plugins (20090604 -> 20090721)
cyfrowy polsat epg fixes
add support for ISO/IEC 10646-1 aka UTF-16 encoded dvb texts (epg)
better streamtype detection for transport streams
add subtitle scaling support for HD Skins
some ttx subtitle fixes
some mediaplayer subtitle sync fixes
add more valid tv service types
fix channelselection provider filtering
fix recording filenames ... max size is now 240 chars + extension
longer SDT timeout for working servicescan on "dish network"
default services and favourites updated
store current audio/subtitle track also for recorded TS files
some dvdburn fixes
use hardware scaling for dvd menu
allow manual service searching on linked tuners when the linked base type is unequal to the linked tuner type (DVB-S2 vs. DVB-S)
fix tuner priority handling
dvd overlay scaling fixes .. and also support 16:10 output modes in dvd player
dont stop running playback when a timer start fails in background

drivers (20090601 -> 20090720)
add DTS passthru support
enable/disable deinterlacer without black picture during change
some smartcard reader fixes
some fixes for still experimental vtuner support
fix no more responding kernel during PS playback in some conditions
some video scaling fixes
alps-bsbe2 fix for Symbolrates equal to 30000
add dvbnet support
fix progressive/interlaced detection
add possibility to set a negative audio delay (this then delays video)

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