Aussie ad revenues nose-dive 12%

Rose Major

Australia’s free-to-air TV networks have seen advertising revenues plummet in the last year, with 1H 2009 revenues down nearly 12% on 1H 2008.

Total ad revenues for January – June 2009 were A$1,547 million, down 11.8% on the previous year’s figure A$1,341 milllion

Revenues in the five major metropolitan centres of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth fell even more, down 12.6% to A$1,171 million from A$1,753 million. Regional revenues across all seven states and territories held up marginally better, although still fell 8.9%, from A$412 million to A$375 million.

All of the falls eclipse those of the previous half year. For July – December 2008, metropolitan revenues fell 5.3% to A$1,508 million, regional revenues 1.3% to A$450 million and total revenues were down 4.4% to A$1,958 million.

But for some, there is at least one statistic to cheer about. Both Nine Network and Network Ten managed to increase their share of revenues, with Nine up from 30.87% of the total in 2H 2008 to 33.16% in 1H 2009 (1H 2008 31.78%) and Ten up from 27.74% to 28.33% (but still down from 29.09% in 1H 2008). Seven Network’s share of the ad pie fell from 41.38% in the previous half-year to 38.51% (1H 2008 39.13%).