TiVo hits Echostar for $1bn

On July 20 Dish Network said it was developing a “potential” work-around that would avoid infringing DVR specialist TiVo’s patents (having previously stated it was already implementing such a work-around). But TiVo is losing its patience over its five and a half year legal battle with Echostar/Dish. It has already served a contempt claim for $1bn on Dish.

The squabbles between Echostar/Dish and TiVo have rumbled on for years and are already the subject to claims and counter-claims being heard in a couple of US jurisdictions.

The latest episode argues that Echostar/Dish should face contempt penalties for having refused to pay previous Court-ordered sanctions designed to compensate TiVo for Echostar’s infringements of TiVo patents.

Echostar/Dish says it had designed a patent “work-around” to avoid TiVo’s patents, but last month on June 2 a federal judge ruled the work-around had failed. A hearing on this sanctions motion is slated for July 28.