The TV Show Renamer
This application is designed for TV series renaming. It will scan in a folder that contains your series (and all subfolders) and try to retreive the series name, series and episode number as well as the title of the episode. It will then display the new names of the episodes it can rename. You can rename an episode by clicking on the button or selecting the episode and pressing enter (which is much faster if you rename a lot of files).
There is also a shell extension which will add a "TV Show Renamer" context menu option to your media and subtitle files. With this context menu you can rename your episodes with 2-3 clicks instead of launching the entire application.

The Movie Renamer
This application will try to clean up the name of your movie and retreive the correct name from imdb together with the year of the movie. It will then rename the movie to "moviename (1999).avi" or "moviename (1999,CD1).avi". Of course all new names are listed before you actually rename the applications so you can double check them. The movie renamer also renames folders if you are working with a folder structure instead. This is also the reason why the movie renamer doesn't go into subfolders of your moviefolder. The files in subfolders will be untouched.

It needs the .NET Framework version 2.0. If you do not have it installed please download it from Microsoft