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Thread: cerebro warning b 4 u buy

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    cerebro warning b 4 u buy

    Premiere-hoe: police advances against Smartcard-distributor
    At the past Tuesday, Cerebro-cards, Programmiersoftware and customer list in the connection with the hoe of the premiere were guaranteed in house searches in the total federal territory -encoding. The Münchener police announced this now. Would indicate

    The Nagravision 2003 used by the Münchener Pay-TV-transmitter premiere since the end of October to the encoding of the radiated TV-program had been cancelled after various reports. To the use, a Smartcard with RSA-chip of the type "Cerebro" came at the same time inclusive OS for approximately 100 Euro. According to police report, these cards become of the manufacturer actually only after termination of certain agreements and security regulations at commercial end users banished. A did not banish would result at end user usually.

    From the 26.11.2005, a software had been offered now in the internet, with which the Cerebro-cards could be programmed, in order to decode the offer of the Pay-TV transmitter. Because such cards in this form serve exclusively to the evasion of the encoding, Munich represents according to district attorney's office the manufacture and that banished these cards an offense after the Zugangsdienste-Schutzgesetz (ZKDSG). After premiere had placed at the 30.11.2005 punishment notice against numerous operators of Satellitenshops, that came as a distributor of these cards into question, the district attorney's office included Munich I the ascertainments and applied for finally for altogether 20 objects in the total federal territory of search decisions.

    These became now Munich, Kommissariat 241 (CORP. IuK-crime) at the 6.12.2005 under coordination of the police headquarters, carried out. At the same time corresponding evidence could be guaranteed according to the police at all objects. There is a final overview over manufacturer and distribution channels according to police report first after analysis of all documents. Unambiguously could be assessed however already now that the demand had increased after these cards since the Bekanntwerden of the possibility of the cost-free reception explosion good. A statement over the amount of the previously sold cards not yet could be encountered.

    "Through the fast and consistent action of the district attorney's office Munich I and the CORP. IuK of the police headquarters Munich might the pertinent dealers in the near future before a further banished back fright", meant the police. District attorney's office and police referred moreover on that that the use of the Cerebro-cards would represent through the Endnutzer an offense of the computer fraud and would be therefore punishable.


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    Re: cerebro warning b 4 u buy

    many thanks for the warning m8 regds skem153 LFC

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    Re: cerebro warning b 4 u buy

    Although we here of all these legal warnings how is it that Sat dealers all over the E.U. are selling them with no action taken 'cos the E.U. was suppose to clamp down on them and only allow specialist firms sell these cards for genuine business use.

    Obviously when the E.U. countries are paying the taxes to their central fund in Brussels they don't give a toss.


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    Re: cerebro warning b 4 u buy

    Well thats basicly the same reason why funfiles is still online.
    I live in Holland where it's illegal to distribute any keys or files.
    However the server is located in the USA where distribution of keys and files is perfectly legal as long it's not for american channels.
    Have recieved many e-mail from canal + and irdeto access in the past and the only thing I told them is to go fuck thereselves.
    At the moment there's nothing they can do about it.

    Many sat shops also have hosting in the USA. They sell the card from there home but it's being sold in the USA.
    Untill there is a world wide law these things will always happen (luckely)


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