Antena 3 prepares for Prisa, Mediapro merger

Iñaki Ferreras

Grupo Planeta's national private broadcaster Antena 3 is preparing itself for Prisa and Mediapro’s merger. The broadcaster's CEO Silvio González announced his company already has an active plan in order to avoid the effects of the future merger between the two.

The time limit for the announcement of details of the merger is today, July 24.

González said his company was taking this new situation "easily and without hassle" before the actions of its compatitors. "It's clear if the merger happens there will be a new audiovisual frame but for the moment we must only wait to see what happens," he said.

Mediapro’s LaSexta has been one of the TV channels associated with Antena 3 in producing new content although Silvio González made it clear that deal would not interfere in this process between Mediapro and Prisa. However the executive reminded observers any merger between broadcasters is a "complicated process" so he did not rule out that the companies fail to reach a final agreement.

"The mergers are always complicated because after the deal is made it's time to distribute the chairs for the executives and sometimes there is not enough space for everyone," he said.