Under investigation: favours to Gol TV

Iñaki Ferreras

goltvMediapro's Spanish sports channel Gol TV is undervinvestigation by the National Competition Commission for alleged privileges given to it by Mediapro: the sports rights bought by Mediapro for Gol TV could favour it.

According to a report by the Commission "the production of Gol TV makes it necessary to analyze the effects it could have in the open market of sporting rights for Spanish television.”

So once pay-DTT is approved (set for the next few days) and Gol TV starts to benefit from Mediapro’s rights holdings, the Commission may start gathering secret information in order to clarify the impact on the soccer rights market Gol TV couuld have.

In reality what the Commission is searching for is whether Gol TV's has unfair advantages over Mediapro’s rights. If the Commission finds that Gol TV doesn't abide by the principles of free market for all competitors in the TV sports rights market it could open a file to fine Mediapro.

Still even so José Miguel Contreras laSexta's CEO annouced recently the possibility of transmitting Gol TV in the clear to promote this channel before the Spanish Soccer League starts in August. However, he maintains the idea of encoding its signal on a regular basis because Gol TV is a pay-TV channel since the beginning of the project. Rights to some of the soccer leagues from other countries which start before the Spanish Soccer League also belong to Gol TV. Viewers may be enjoying these transmissions in the clear on the DTT, for a time at least.