Telekom Austria expands IPTV package

Jörn Krieger

aonAustrian telco Telekom Austria has expanded its IPTV service aonTV offered on its ADSL broadband networks.

New to the basic package, which now contains more than 70 channels, are commercial broadcaster Austria 9 TV, regional channel Salzburg TV, Vienna’s community channel OKTO, home shopping services QVC and HSE24 and pan-European news channel Euronews.

A further addition is LaLa TV, a music channel operated by Universal Music which has so far only been available via mobile TV. The new members of the premium package, which now contains 24 channels, are thematic channels Sat.1 Comedy, Romance TV, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

The IPTV platform, which is available to around 65 per cent of Austria’s households, currently has more than 75,000 subscribers. The basic package is available from €4.90 per month, the premium package costs €7.90 per month. Set-top-box rental is €1.90 per month. The precondition for booking the IPTV service is an ADSL line from Telekom which is available from €15.98 per month.