Telenor Broadcast upswing

Chris Forrester

Telenorís broadcasting division saw improved results in all of its key divisions in the period to June 30 despite a 17,000 fall in its DTH subs numbers.

Pay-TV division Canal Digital Group, for example, saw subs fall 17,000 but the number of cable TV subs grow by 12,000 during this past quarter year. In the Canal Digital Group, revenues mainly increased as an effect of higher penetration of additional services for cable in Norway.

Revenues in 2008 were positively affected by the resale of content rights for the UEFA Euro 2008 football event. EBITDA in 2008 was negatively affected by costs related to the acquisition of the UEFA Euro 2008 content rights, being the main reason for the increase in EBITDA compared to last year.

In addition there was a reduction in marketing, hardware and logistics costs following lower new DTH sales in the second quarter of 2009. Revenues in Transmission & Encryption increased due to higher revenues from satellite transmission. This was partly offset by lower revenues from conditional access services and also lower revenues from terrestrial transmission due to analogue switch off in Norway.

In the second quarter of 2009, the 49%-owned associated transmission company in Belgium, Norkring BelgiŽ, was awarded a DTT licence in Flanders, Belgium. On July 9 2009 Telenor Satellite Broadcasting signed a contract for satellite transmission to UPC Directís DTH customers in Central and Eastern Euro