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Thread: EasyTP - Download transponders

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    EasyTP - Download transponders

    EasyTP 1.0 RC.2 - (21/07/09)

    this software is tool for view and downloads satelite ini-files (up-to-date)

    Changelog :

    [+] Added column that counts how many times each has been downloaded satetelite (Around the World! 8))
    [+] Added possibility to vote for each satellite individually (1 to 5 stars) (if, in the whole world too)
    [+] Now remember preferences
    [+] When you download a satellite, it becomes grayed out (as has already been downloaded).
    [+] Added option to open directly with Windows INI file
    [+] Language; Now supports in the same version in Spanish in English!.
    [+] Added some links of interest Tools.
    [+] Now remember the number of transponders on the previous and current information.
    [!] Small bug with the cache solved.
    [!] Some minor bugs have been fixed.
    [=] It has changed the program icon.


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    Re: EasyTP - Download transponders

    Grazie per il software! ;)

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    Re: EasyTP - Download transponders

    EasyTP 1.0 (Rev3) -- 28.07.09

    [+] Now you can sort the list by number of satellite download, vote, name, 
         etc. (Click on the column to sort)
    [+] Information; Added possibility to write something interesting in each 
    [+] Version completely portable. Now save data "temporary" in the Windows
    [!] Fixed bug in voting when the selected language is Spanish.
    [!] Set Timeout for HTTP requests (voting, downloads, etc. ..)
    [!] Cache before updating the satellite every 7 days, now every 14 days 
        for not saturating the service.
    [!] Bug in initial start up, affecting the operation of the program.
    [!] Windows Vista / 7 is now detected. For proper operation it is necessary 
        to run it as Administrator (for now).
    [!] Other minor bugs have been resolved.

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