NEXT 8000 to track the satellite broadcast receiver is encrypted with our first launch the satellite receiver. Then the remote control on our "MENU" key is pressed. . Under "System Settings" option, and control over our "OK / LIST" key is pressed.

Now our devices "System Settings" menu, we have entered. From here on the bottom "Device Version" option in our control, and again "OK / LIST" key is pressed.

Which version of our 8000 satellite receiver software now NEXT (emu) has been installed we have seen "Device Version" screen we get. marked with a red frame; device installed software (emu) and date see. If this article is written in black color in the device software installed in the process of decoding skills and enter the key is not active (off emu). That is impossible to monitor encrypted transmissions in this manner. In this screen to control this, we need to press the keys 1 to 9 7 3. Key flashes, respectively, when the U.S. version of the device and the green color begins to appear. Now, our equipment, public broadcasts encrypted in the system (the current key to the entry of registration) are ready for to watch.