Satcov fraud warning for satellite users

by Brian Turner

Satellite users are being warned to check their bank statements carefully, after it emerged that a company named Satcov is trying to fraudulently charge to a number of accounts.

The charges are often brought where no existing agreement is in place, and where an agreement is already in force, extra amounts are being charged.

Since Feb 2009 they have been reported as:
- taking 10-times the correct monthly payment (£65 instead of £6.50),
- taking extra payments (typically £49.95)
- setting up Direct Debits on customer accounts without authorisation
Satcov offers expensive warranty cover on satellite boxes, not least Sky satellite receivers.

However, a rising number of complaints are being aired that they are being debited for a service they have not agreed to - or had cancelled years ago - whereas people with existing subscriptions are seeing their bank account wiped of extra funds.

It is also being reported that Satcov are now setting up Direct Debits under the name “Play” with a reference number afterwards that appears to be a phone number - 08716 641400.
If anyone finds that their bank account or credit card has been charged by Satcov without authorisation, or for incorrect amounts, they are recommended to take the matter up with their bank immediately for a refund.

Satcov is believed to be formed from Satellite Direct UK Ltd, which was successfully prosecuted by Sky for misleading sales practices, after the company claimed an association with Sky.

The director of Satellite Direct UK Ltd, David Reynolds, was also prosecuted last year for fraud and money laundering.
Satcov remains unavailable for comment, with their phone number providing the message “This service has been temporarily suspended”.